Celestial sphere meaning in hindi | Celestial sphere ka matlab 

Celestial sphere meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Celestial sphere 
Usage of Celestial sphere: 1: Arc of Astronomy of the celestial sphere that measures the angular distance which a star is from the equator or north, or south 2: Astronomy Each of the two parallels of the celestial sphere passing through the points solstitial 3: Astronomy Sky Zone, circular band of the celestial sphere parallel to the ecliptic and including the twelve major signs or constellations, the sun seems to go in the year 4: Each of the two ends of the stationary axis around which the celestial sphere appears to rotate twenty-four hours 5: Hourly Circles, Circles of the celestial sphere passing through the poles and, arriving at the meridian of the place, mark the hours of the real time 6: The celestial sphere 7: The poles, the equator, the meridians of the celestial sphere 8: This is speaking of the great circle drawn in the plan on the celestial sphere we can say: The people who live below the equator 9: Who Astronomy is measured relative to land considered the center of the celestial sphere 10: In terms of Astronomy, elevation of the pole, Angle formed with the plane of the horizon by a visual ray drawn from each point of the earth at the center of the visible celestial sphere
Celestial sphere ki paribhasha : ooanchaayi par ka vah chaaron aur phaila hua apaar sthaan jo nila aur shoony dikhaayi deta

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lid firmament welkin empyrean azure vault heavens the blue upper atmosphere vault of heaven wild blue yonder orb
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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