Chariot meaning in hindi | Chariot ka matlab 

Chariot meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Chariot 
Usage of Chariot: 1: Where civic functions and infrastructure such as chariot races 2: Elagabalus placed the Emesa stone on a chariot adorned with gold and jewels 3: Elagabalus ran backward in front of the chariot 4: A triumphal arch surmounted by a chariot 5: Antique two-horse chariot 6: Attach horses to a chariot 7: By analogy, Apollo's chariot 8: chariot races 9: Cirque arranged for horse and chariot races 10: Following the poets, was the chariot of Venus drawn by doves
Chariot ki paribhasha : praachin kaal ki ek prakaar ki savaari jisamen chaar ya do pahiye hua karate the aur jisaka vyavahaar yuddha, yaatraa, vihaar aadi ke liye hua karata tha

Chariot synonyms
van car bus truck automobile bicycle boat cab vector buggy crate mechanism conveyance jalopy agent carrier transport motorcycle taxi jeep wheels cart carriage caravan coach tram dray caisson schooner lorry wain buckboard camion tumbril barouche fourgon gilly
Chariot antonyms
goal end 
Usage of Chariot in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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