Clause meaning in hindi | Clause ka matlab 

Clause meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clause 
Usage of Clause: 1: The clause that just ended is a restrictive clause. 2: A committee considers the bill clause by clause 3: The due process clause applies to "legal persons" as well as to individuals. 4: In its most contentious post-war interpretation of the equal protection clause 5: While the Plessy majority's interpretation of the clause stood until Brown 6: Removing the First Law's "inaction" clause solves this problem 7: Black wrote for the Court in several cases relating to the establishment clause 8: A clause in the Constitution Act 9: The clause was invoked only once 10: Act, agreement, clause resolutory
Clause ki paribhasha : kisi kaanooni kitaab ka vah ek ansh jisamen kisi ek aparaadh ke snbndh men vyavastha ho do vyaktiyon ya dalon men honevaali aisi pratigya ki amuk baat hone ya na hone par ham tumako itana dhan denge, athava tumase itana dhan lenge niyama, adhi- niyam aadi ka vah ansh jinamen ek baat ka vishad vivaran ho grnth ya pustak ka aisa vibhaag ya khnd jisamen pradhaan vishay ke angabhoot par svatntr vishay ka varnan ya vivechan hota hai kisi pradhaan vaaky ke bhitar aaya vah vaakyakhnd jisamen koi samaapika kriya ho

Clause synonyms
requirement section passage article stipulation specification chapter limitation proviso codicil point heading joker item part kicker catch ultimatum rider condition fine print small print paragraph string attached to something
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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