Clumsy meaning in hindi | Clumsy ka matlab 

Clumsy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clumsy 
Usage of Clumsy: 1: His clumsy brother hardly helps him with his work. 2: They tend to be portrayed as benign, ugly, clumsy but with hidden talents. 3: Brusilov by merely omitting the usual clumsy preparations 4: A clumsy apologist 5: A clumsy interpolator 6: Adjectively, This man is clumsy 7: By extension, it is said of all clumsy workman, inexperienced 8: C ' is a clumsy man in business 9: Having the clumsy hand 10: He drove this man clumsy affair
Clumsy ki paribhasha : jisaki banaavat men ang pratyng ki saapekshik chhotaayi badai ka dhyaan na rakha gaya ho vah padaarth jisaka saadhaaranataya indriyon dvaara grahan ho sake jo apane sthaan par upayukt na jaan pade jo kisi kaary ko suchaarou roop se na kar sake

Clumsy synonyms
bulky ungainly unwieldy inept ponderous heavy-handed bungling crude elephantine gauche gawky graceless helpless hulking incompetent inelegant inexperienced inexpert lumbering lumpish maladroit oafish unable uncoordinated uncouth uneasy unskillful untoward bumbling untactful weedy all thumbs blundering blunderous butterfingered clownish gawkish ham-handed ill-shaped lubberly splay stumbling unadept undexterous unhandy untalented
Clumsy antonyms
adroit agile clever dexterous expert graceful athletic coordinated couth 
Usage of Clumsy in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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