Coarsen meaning in hindi | Coarsen ka matlab 

Coarsen meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Coarsen 
Coarsen synonyms
swell broaden augment build up feed thicken bloat distend wax increase spread stuff thrive cram plump expand fill overfeed gain weight put flesh on put on weight round out conform strengthen stupefy discipline inure develop callous acclimatize adapt habituate stun steel embitter season train numb deaden teach dull stiffen indurate blunt acclimate paralyze adjust roughen callus case-harden make callous render insensitive dehumanize demoralize pervert debase debauch warp vitiate deprave animalize
Coarsen antonyms
decrease deplete thin deflate shrink contract lose undernourish weaken disarrange disorder enliven liquefy soften unfit neglect melt indulge spoil be intolerant straighten upgrade clean improve purify 
Usage of Coarsen in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb in hindi 
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