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Cognitive meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cognitive 
Usage of Cognitive: 1: A childs cognitive sense is more developed than adults. 2: Some cognitive features may reflect global neurocognitive deficits in memory 3: IL-6 is also significantly indicated in cognitive impairment. 4: Malaria has been found to cause cognitive impairments, especially in children. 5: A "third wave" of cognitive and behavioral therapies developed 6: Among the memory structures theorized by cognitive psychologists are separate 7: Social cognitive theory is a highly influential fusion of behavioral 8: Specific neurological impairments are manifested by cognitive 9: It is suspected to have a major role in cognitive difficulties.

Cognitive synonyms
subjective emotional mental intellectual cerebral experimental imaginary subconscious unconscious psychical in the mind intellective levelheaded sensible wise normal impartial lucid deliberate judicious thoughtful sane stable balanced analytical enlightened prudent intelligent sober knowing sound synthetic thinking calm objective reasoning cool circumspect collected discerning discriminating far-sighted perspicacious reflective sagacious together well-advised ratiocinative all there deductive philosophic credible clear-cut consistent justifiable plausible advisable arguable believable commonsensical consequent perceiving tenable tolerant unbiased unprejudiced reasoned percipient thought-out in one's right mind comprehensible corporeal discernible intelligible observant palpable patent perceptible sensitive tangible translucent trenchant appercipient cognizable cognoscible recognizable
Cognitive antonyms
physical body senseless unwise foolish stupid unintelligent insane irrational unsystematic illogical idiotic nonsensical unstable excited agitated ridiculous unrealistic unsound unreasonable unbalanced confused thoughtless careless implausible improbable unbelievable unlikely expensive intolerable impractical outrageous imperceivable 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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