Collar meaning in hindi | Collar ka matlab 

Collar meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Collar 
Usage of Collar: 1: He broke his collar bone. 2: The collar of his shirt is always dirty. 3: today i purchased a flea collar for my dog. 4: This collar chafes the dogs neck. 5: He brushed a bit of lint away from Tom's collar . 6: Button your collar down . 7: Tom took the dog by the collar and led it out . 8: In April 1996, Mother Teresa fell and broke her collar bone. 9: This is usually represented by a collar or similar band surrounding the shield. 10: They also had yellow epaulettes lined green and a yellow collar on their coats.
Collar ki paribhasha : ek gahana jo pagadi men lagaaya jaata hai kota, kamij ya kurate men vah uthi hui patti jo gale ke chaaro or rahati hai kisi sthaavar sthaavar snpatti visheshata: bhoomi ke upayog ka adhikaarapatr jo svaami ki or se aasaami, kiraayedaar ya thekedaar ko diya jaay ek puraana pratyay jo kisi shabd ke aage lagakar kartavya, dhaaran ya snyog aadi soochit karata hai ek aabhooshan jo gale men pahana jaata hain pakadne ka kaam karaana

Collar synonyms
torque frill choker fraise jabot fichu ruff dicky neckband vandyke eton bertha nab cop secure capture seize tree nail arrest appropriate take get catch corner grab abduct hook bag lay hands on
Collar antonyms
release liberate refuse reject misunderstand let go give up lose unfasten free offer keep fail miss be immune 
Usage of Collar in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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