Come out meaning in hindi | Come out ka matlab 

Come out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Come out 
Usage of Come out: 1: She wants to come out of the ruck and establish herself as a leader. 2: Her thesis on environment protection has come out well. 3: Morphological studies have come out successfully with correct and relevant theories. 4: She needs a morale booster to come out of the grief. 5: You can come out of your hiding place now . 6: A new magazine has just come out . 7: I hope things come out well . 8: The country has recently come out of a decade long civil war 9: It would also come out that he was relieved of command twice 10: It was forecast to come out in September 2003 but was delayed.
Come out ki paribhasha : khari ya karaari vastuon ka dabaav ya aaghaat paakar tootana muanh se shabd nikaalana kisi jami ya gadi hui vastu ka apane sthaan se alag ho jaana saamagri ki uchit yojana dvaara prastut hona vakta ke sthaan ki or chalana ya usapar praapt hona

Come out synonyms
break debut appear get out leak transpire be announced be brought out be disclosed be divulged be exposed be issued be made known be promulgated be published be released be reported be revealed end result terminate
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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