Concise meaning in hindi | Concise ka matlab 

Concise meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Concise 
Usage of Concise: 1: a concise explanation 2: Although more concise and linear in its structure than Pynchon's other novels 3: A concise 4: A strong and concise 5: By extension, writer, concise author 6: It is concise in its explanations 7: It means even summary Extract, concise statement 8: Quality which is concise 9: Tacitus and Montesquieu are concise models 10: This writer affects the sententious and concise
Concise ki paribhasha : samaan maapa, vistaar ya mooly ka jo snkshep men kaha ya likha gaya ho hasta, ashvini aurn pushy ye tinon nakshatr jo jyotish men chhote maane gae hai aur jinaka gan laghugan kaha gaya hai

Concise synonyms
terse pithy succinct brief compact compendious condensed curt epigrammatic laconic lean meaty short and sweet summary marrowy abridged boiled down breviloquent compendiary compressed in a nutshell synoptic
Concise antonyms
long-winded wordy redundant repetitive lengthy expansive 
Usage of Concise in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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