Consul meaning in hindi | Consul ka matlab 

Consul meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Consul 
Usage of Consul: 1: He approached the consul to sort out some visa problem. 2: In 1934, Tesla wrote to consul Janković of his homeland. 3: 43 BC was elected consul with his relative Quintus Pedius as co-consul. 4: When Octavian became consul once again on January 1 5: While Octavian acted as consul in Rome 6: After having been elected consul 7: Although the last non-imperial consul 8: Caesar was elected to his third and fourth terms as consul in 46 BC and 45 BC . 9: Character consular or simply Consular, one who had been consul 10: consul Dignity
Consul ki paribhasha : vah purush jo ek raajy ki or se kisi any raajy men sndhi ya vigrah snbndhi athava any netik kaary snpaadan karane ke liye ya kisi prakaar ka sandesa dekar bheja jaata hai vah manushy jo kisi svaadhin raajy ya desh ke pratinidhi roop se doosare desh men rahata aur apane desh ke vyaapaarik svaaryon ki raksha karata ho

Consul synonyms
envoy legate delegate lawyer emissary 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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