Contrary meaning in hindi | Contrary ka matlab 

Contrary meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Contrary 
Usage of Contrary: 1: he expressed his dissent in a contrary opinion 2: public opinion to the contrary he is not guilty 3: Acts contrary to our code of ethics
`hot and `cold are contrary terms
4: Acts contrary to our code of ethics
`hot and `cold are contrary terms
5: Criticism On the contrary 6: Despite popular perceptions to the contrary 7: Some atheists emphasize the fact that there have been examples to the contrary 8: In contrary to the Mediterranean climate 9: A return of opinion, a change in public opinion, which contrary to someone, something, becomes favorable to that person, that thing 10: A way of speaking and acting contrary to common sense, decency
Contrary ki paribhasha : ek vastu ka doosari ke sthaan par aur doosari ka pahali ke sthaan par hona virodh naamak ek alnkaar saahity saath snvatsaron men se pachisavaaan snvatsar jaisa hona chaahiye usase aur hi prakaar se keshav ke anusaar ek arthaalnkaara, jisamen kaary ki siddhi men svayn saadhak ka baadhak hona dikhaaya jaata hai

Contrary synonyms
inimical conflicting antithetical hostile negative adverse contradictory inconsistent discordant opposed converse reverse counter nonconformist antipodal refractory dissident antipathetic balky clashing contumacious diametric froward headstrong insubordinate intractable nonconforming obstinate ornery perverse rebellious recalcitrant restive stubborn unruly wayward antipodean wrongheaded paradoxical recusant contrariant dissentient
Contrary antonyms
friendly kind harmonious agreeing similar conforming accommodating alike homogeneous obliging agreeable consistent equal same concordant correspondent 
Usage of Contrary in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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