Controversy meaning in hindi | Controversy ka matlab 

Controversy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Controversy 
Usage of Controversy: 1: A syntactic controversy started between the Hindi and Sanskrit professors. 2: 1988. The game sparked controversy among the series' fans 3: In 1619 Galileo became embroiled in a controversy with Father Horatio Grassi 4: This incident eventually led to the Cassie Bernall controversy 5: There is current controversy over whether the borna virus 6: The new cathedral has created much controversy 7: This controversy is problematic 8: The 2006 controversy over the burqa 9: Some controversy has surrounded the publication of these works 10: Bradman caused controversy with his own tactics.
Controversy ki paribhasha : kisi baat ya vastu par jabaani jhagad

Controversy synonyms
squabble fuss discussion argument strife wrangle difference quarrel embroilment contention beef polemic tiff scrap scene rumpus brush altercation words miff disputation hurrah flak row falling-out wrangling bickering dissention
Controversy antonyms
concurrence compliment praise accord forbearance quiet agreement peace harmony 
Usage of Controversy in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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