Convoluted meaning in hindi | Convoluted ka matlab 

Convoluted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Convoluted 
Usage of Convoluted: 1: An earlier writer with the same convoluted career path was Saki. 2: convoluted Spirit, Who loves to refine, to steal 3: Cotyledons convoluted 4: He said, terms of Natural History, univalves Some of shells, convoluted spiral 5: In a convoluted way 6: Style convoluted 7: The leaves of the banana, the balisier are convoluted

Convoluted synonyms
perplexing puzzling tortuous tangled intricate labyrinthine involved elaborate confused baffling complex impenetrable serpentine
Convoluted antonyms
uncomplicated understandable direct straight straightforward simple clear 
Usage of Convoluted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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