Costly meaning in hindi | Costly ka matlab 

Costly meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Costly 
Usage of Costly: 1: Books have become very costly nowadays. 2: The rich have the propensity to spend on costly items. 3: The costly soap opera 4: 1944. Some of the most costly battles of the war ensued after the invasion 5: Following a costly civil war 6: Oil extraction is costly and sometimes environmentally damaging, although Dr. 7: Though the 747X design was less costly than the 747-500X and -600X 8: Though it was costly in terms of men and materials 9: Fish was up to 16 times as costly 10: This costly makeover is expected to take three years.
Costly ki paribhasha : jisaka mooly thik se adhik ho jisaka mooly saadhaaran ya uchit ki apeksha adhik ho

Costly synonyms
valuable dear excessive executive exorbitant extortionate extravagant fancy high high-priced inordinate precious premium steep stiff top pricey an arm and leg cher highly priced gorgeous inestimable invaluable lavish luxurious opulent rich splendid sumptuous catastrophic ruinous disastrous deleterious sacrificial loss-making
Costly antonyms
inexpensive helpful cheap reasonable poor aiding not valuable 
Usage of Costly in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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