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Crooked meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Crooked 
As verb : अंटीबाज अठकपाली अनुकचिंत अपदेवता अवनम्र अवांच असज्जन असत् असुर आसुर इष्टिपच उपाधिक ओसुर कचाकु कापट कारुचौर कुटिल कुबडा़ कूटच्छदमा कृहक क्रतुद्रुह क्ष्वेड चालक चुडुक्का छलछदी छलहाई छित्वर छिद्रात्मा जर्राक जातुधान जिह्मगामी झुका हुआ तिरय दितिसुत देवरि देवशत्रु धूतारा धूर्त निषकपुत्र पचकल्यानी ‡ पुन्यजन पुरफन प्रतिकुचित प्रपंचबुद्धि प्रह्ल प्रह्लाण फरफदी बंधुरित बिड़ बिनत बैठकबाज भंगसार्थ मुफ्तरी मुरशिद मौष्टिक रेरिहान लड्ड वंचथ वक्रधी वाणिजिक विजिह्म विनमित विबुधद्विट् विबुधरिपु विबुधशत्रु विभुग्न विरुग्ण विवंचिषु विसंवादी वृष्टिदाता वेल्लित व्याकुंचित व्याजिह्म व्यानत व्याभूग्न शय्याद शरल शुक्रशिष्य श्वेतभिक्षु समक्न सर्पबंध सव्याज सावीकृत सुनत सुरद्विष् सुरशत्रु सैलूष हरिद्वेषी हूर्छिता
Usage of Crooked: 1: The servant crooked Rs. 200, from my bag.
When he was about to fix a deal with the party,she crooked it away from him.
2: Suddenly he crooked my arm. 3: Sarah is campaigning against crooked politicians . 4: A crooked 5: A crooked piece of iron, hooked fingers 6: A path, a path crooked 7: All crooked 8: Botanical plant of the composite family whose involucre consists of crooked leaflets which grows mostly along the paths 9: Botanical tree of the same family as holly and charcoal, whose crooked wood is armed with strong spines 10: Having crooked legs, feet knock
Crooked ki paribhasha : vah grah jisase tis ansh ke andar hi soory ho vaidyak shaastr kare anusaar ek prakaar ka unmaad vah jisaka rng pila liye saphed ho aur aaankhe laal hon

Crooked synonyms
curving meandering twisted sinuous winding gnarled curved devious errant serpentine bowed rambling deformed deviating distorted hooked spiral zigzag slanted crippled angular awry circuitous cockeyed indirect irregular kinky lopsided misshapen oblique roundabout screwy snaky topsy-turvy tortuous uneven anfractuous asymmetric twisting tilted skewed warped contorted disfigured agee catawampus incurving knurly not straight out of shape tortile unscrupulous deceitful shady dishonest fraudulent lying crafty criminal dishonorable double-dealing dubious illegal iniquitous nefarious questionable ruthless shifty treacherous underhand unlawful unprincipled untruthful suborned
Crooked antonyms
honest lawful moral straight untwisted unbent good law-abiding ethical principled scrupulous frank trustworthy truthful aboveboard open 
Usage of Crooked in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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