Curse meaning in hindi | Curse ka matlab 

Curse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Curse 
Usage of Curse: 1: Groups such as Ku Klux Klan are curse for human society. 2: a witch put a curse on his whole family 3: he uttered a curse sotto voce 4: According to me, being poor is a curse for a human being. 5: Illeteracy is a curse to human development. 6: Illeteracy is a curse to human development. 7: The witch put a curse on him 8: Please don't curse at me . 9: She damned him with curse after curse . 10: Famously, a curse has been attached to opening Timur's tomb.
Curse ki paribhasha : chhou ya khod khaadakar bhadkaana ya tng karana tiraskaara, anaadaar ya ghranaavynjak shabd vaidyak ke anusaar paudhon vi ek jaati ka naam kisi ke pichhe padna tumhaara kuchh anisht ho, is prakaar ka vachan shaap ke roop men gaaliyaaan dena durvachan kahakar bura maanana

Curse synonyms
bane obscenity expletive profanity whammy obloquy malediction execration sacrilege blasphemy profanation commination imprecation anathema damning denunciation fulmination oath vilification dirty word double whammy four-letter word swear word cursing blaspheming cussing cuss word dirty name malison naughty words no-no objuration disaster scourge evil calamity burden jinx pestilence cancer ordeal cross torment plague affliction voodoo tribulation trouble vexation evil eye hydra imprecate blaspheme flame execrate bedamn be foul-mouthed take name in vain talk dirty use bad language utter profanity
Curse antonyms
piety reverence compliment praise good luck advantage boon happiness contentment aid blessing good fortune benefit comfort help peace 
Usage of Curse in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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