Cycle meaning in hindi | Cycle ka matlab 

Cycle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cycle 
Usage of Cycle: 1: the never-ending cycle of the seasons 2: The cycle was propped against the jamb. 3: Monsoon depends on the cycle of the seasons 4: In their menstuation cycle females regularly lose some blood 5: Once the female is done grooming, the cycle will repeat. 6: A time-division subswitch reads a complete cycle of time slots into a memory 7: "special previews" of the first two works of the cycle 8: The Idyll draws on several motifs from the Ring cycle 9: Elections to the council are held on a four year cycle 10: The life cycle of viruses differs greatly between species
Cycle ki paribhasha : RRiddhi aur vraddhi naamak do oshadhiyaaan ek hi dhuri par chaaron or bhraman karana prayatnon ki pahunch ya sima lohe ke ek astr ka naam jo pahiye ke aakaar ka hota hai pahiye ke aakaar ki koi visheshataः ghoomanevaali badi gol vastu vedon aur shaastron ke anukul aachaar rakhana chakr ke aakaar ka ghera

Cycle synonyms
revolution series period course rhythm round wheel alternation run chain sequence ring sequel orbit age circuit succession rotation circle loop eon periodicity aeon isochronism 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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