Daylight meaning in hindi | Daylight ka matlab 

Daylight meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Daylight 
Usage of Daylight: 1: The crime was committed in broad daylight . 2: The daylight side of the planet would eternally face the star 3: Ohio, observed daylight saving time unofficially and illegally by local custom. 4: Singapore does not observe daylight saving time or a summer time zone change. 5: Thus during daylight most of the sun's heat reaches the ground. 6: There is access during daylight hours by the Dominion Post Ferry. 7: In terms of Botany, Horloge de Flore, Table daylight hours which some flowers bloom 8: It also says a device for drawing the positives, either daylight or artificial light 9: The eclipse was so great that saw the stars in broad daylight 10: This shop was robbed in broad daylight
Daylight ki paribhasha : svarg ke samaan ya svargatuly lok vah jisake bhitar padkar chijen dikhaayi padti hain ek prakaar ka bad pakshi jisake par bahut sundar haate hain utana samay jisamen soory kshitij ke oopar rahata hai

Daylight synonyms
dawn aurora daybreak sunrise sunshine daytime sunlight during the day light of day
Daylight antonyms
night sunset evening darkness 
Usage of Daylight in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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