Decent meaning in hindi | Decent ka matlab 

Decent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decent 
Usage of Decent: 1: He trangressed all boundaries of decent behavior by abusing her in public. 2: The lady who used to look very decent had a shebeen at her place. 3: All poor should be provided with decent food and shelter. 4: Seetas colleagues made a presuppositiion of her decent background of being
well dressed.
5: He is known for his decent behaviour. 6: He was wearing a decent dress. 7: Provided with good crews of operators and decent visibility conditions 8: Scott had a decent living from his earnings at the law 9: A decent outfit is required 10: A simple and decent set
Decent ki paribhasha : jo kisi sabha men snmilit ho aur usake vichaaraniy vishayon par apani snmati de sakata ho jo achchhi tarah dharm ka aacharan karata ho yog men asmitaa, raaga, dvesh aur abhinivesh in chaaron kleshon ka ek bhed ya avastha jisamen koi klesh apane poorn roop men vartamaan rahata hua apane vishay ka grahan karata rahata hai nahin ka soochak avyay jo praayaः vaakyon ke aarnbh athava madhy men rakha jaata hai praarthana ya aadesh ke uttar men prashn ke nahin svikratisoochak shabd bhadr ya sabhy samaaj men stri, purusha, bachche aadi sabhi ke bolane, padhane ya dikhaaye jaane yogy kisi kaam men lagaaye jaane ke upayukt jo ruchi ya vichaar ke anukool ho upayog men laaya hua vah jo ayaachitavratti ho

Decent synonyms
noble good polite honest trustworthy modest proper honorable prudent correct right approved becoming befitting chaste clean comely conforming continent decorous delicate ethical immaculate mannerly moral nice presentable pure reserved seemly spotless stainless standard straight suitable unblemished undefiled untarnished upright virtuous comme il faut straight arrow on the up and up straight shooting thoughtful courteous gracious accommodating friendly helpful obliging satisfactory fair acceptable comfortable reasonable competent mediocre adequate all right ample average common enough fair to middling passable unexceptional unimpeachable unobjectionable moderately good sufficing
Decent antonyms
unsophisticated unsuitable unreliable untrustworthy incorrect inappropriate indecent unsuited disobliging ungenerous unkind insufficient intolerable unrefined misbehaving improper poor unrespectable unaccommodating discourteous rude inadequate unacceptable unsatisfactory incompetent unfit bad disagreeable unreasonable inferior 
Usage of Decent in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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