Decoration meaning in hindi | Decoration ka matlab 

Decoration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decoration 
Usage of Decoration: 1: The decoration of the room was very impressive.
The decoration piece lying on the bed is very costly .
2: I hung a colorful decoration from the windowsill . 3: Will suspended the decoration by a fine thread . 4: Another copy of the decoration 5: The decoration is provided solely by a simple balustrade hiding the roof line 6: The first such decoration issued was the United Nations Service Medal 7: Figurative decoration on the templon was mainly concentrated on the architrave 8: It is used for decoration for its bright gold-like appearance 9: He thanked the Ashers by paying for the decoration of the front of their house. 10: He thanked the Ashers by paying for the decoration of the front of their house.
Decoration ki paribhasha : saahity ke anusaar nau rason men se ek ras jo sabase adhik prasiddh hai aur pradhaan maana jaata hai ek prakaar ka gahana jisamen kisi devata ke paidon ke chihn ankit hote hain aur jo praayaः baalakon ki raksha ke liye pahanaaya jaata hai arth aur shabd ki vah yukti jisase kaavy ki shobha ho jisaka maan poora ho

Decoration synonyms
ornament flounce adornment spangle frill enhancement improvement elaboration designing illumination garnish flourish enrichment ornamentation trimming furbelow beautifying bedecking bedizenment festooning garnishing redecorating color wreath trinket finery ribbon plaque lace garbage doodad extravagance filigree bauble frippery braid dingbat inlay fuss jazz gilt scroll thing sequin garniture fretwork arabesque tinsel curlicue parquetry gewgaws gimcracks gingerbread appliquã© fandangle tooling badge colors kudos emblem laurels citation cross award mention accolade star distinction order bays garter purple heart
Decoration antonyms
decrease eyesore plainness criticism 
Usage of Decoration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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