Decorum meaning in hindi | Decorum ka matlab 

Decorum meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decorum 
Usage of Decorum: 1: He knows what demand, prescribed, what it means propriety, decorum want that 2: It also means Incivility, lack of decorum 3: It also means Use in conversation terms that decorum has banished 4: It also says this Scruples which affects the integrity, morality, decorum to 5: It is extremely sensitive on matters relating to probity, decorum 6: The Speaker is responsible for maintaining decorum in the House 7: It is ignoring decorum 8: It shocks propriety, decorum hurts
Decorum ki paribhasha : vah achchha barataav jo keval dikhalaane ke liye kiya jaay vyaktigat aur saamaajik jivan ki vah avastha jisamen logon ka aachaar vyavahaar bahut sudharakar uchchha ho chuka ho .... aadhinata

Decorum synonyms
dignity gentility demeanor civility correctness propriety decency orderliness respectability etiquette politesse protocol form formality usage punctilio convention tact gravity properness deportment conduct seemliness breeding politeness habits courtliness correctitude convenance good grace
Decorum antonyms
wrong impropriety unsuitableness bad manners disorganization indecency rudeness immorality impoliteness bad behavior 
Usage of Decorum in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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