Decoy meaning in hindi | Decoy ka matlab 

Decoy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decoy 
Usage of Decoy: 1: The school children were warned against the decoy . 2: It has also been proposed that the tail club acted as a decoy for the head 3: A decoy to make quails 4: Dresser a bird decoy
Decoy ki paribhasha : rassi ya baal aadi ki bani hui phaaans tan man ki sudh jhoolana kisi ko kisi or pravratt karane ke liye use laabh ki aasha dene ka kaam ek vishesh prakaar ka chipachipa padaarth jo baheliye log chidiyon ko phansaane ke liye baragad aur goolar ke doodh men tisi ka tel pakaakar banaate hain ba pashuon ke khaane ki ghaasa, patti, dnthal aadi

Decoy synonyms
blind plant front stoolie imitation fake facade deception trickery temptation come-on camouflage attraction allurement inducement beard stick catch snare pretense booster chicanery enticement sitting duck stool pigeon ensnarement inveiglement nark shill blow off drawing card seducement fascinate mislead delude tout deceive toll wile steer con come on mousetrap egg one on ensorcell lead on lead up garden path rope in suck in
Decoy antonyms
reality frankness honesty truthfulness repulsion original openness discouragement disgust dissuade release disenchant repulse turn off repel let go be honest 
Usage of Decoy in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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