Defense meaning in hindi | Defense ka matlab 

Defense meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Defense 
Usage of Defense: 1: they died in the defense of Stalingrad 2: a few remarks added in amplification and defense 3: Mahatma Gandhi offered his own defense of Damien's life and work. 4: The defense of the local area was directed by the highest official 5: Its defense is the responsibility of the United States 6: Aikido techniques are usually a defense against an attack 7: The forces committed to the city's defense totaled 1,250,000 men 8: 578 of which were bombers for the defense of the capital. 9: The Apology is Socrates' defense speech 10: Kamikaze planes were particularly effective during the defense of Okinawa
Defense ki paribhasha : gherane ya aavrat karanevaala aapaatti, kasht ya naash aadi se bachaana

Usage of Defense in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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