Despicable meaning in hindi | Despicable ka matlab 

Despicable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Despicable 
Usage of Despicable: 1: A despicable Action 2: Collective name that designates What is most vile and despicable of the populace in 3: Commit yourself with someone, Getting in contact with despicable people 4: Female bottom floor, despicable 5: In a despicable manner 6: It also said the shameful actions, writings and words despicable 7: It says substantively from Him, that which is vile and despicable 8: It still means, figuratively, Who is vile, despicable 9: pejorative term for the Customers of a despicable man, members of a dangerous party 10: Popular term meaning a despicable
Despicable ki paribhasha : phalit jyotish men vah sthaan jo kisi grah ke uchch sthaan se saatavaaan ho kartavyaakartavy ke vichaar se rahit kaami jise dekhakar ya sunakar ghrana paida ho

Despicable synonyms
wretched vile contemptible reprehensible loathsome degrading shameful disreputable disgraceful abject awful base beastly cheap detestable dirty down ignominious infamous insignificant low mean pitiful slimy sordid worthless no-good low-life
Despicable antonyms
kind honorable reputable desirous virtuous worthy good nice respectable likeable loveable 
Usage of Despicable in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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