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As verb : अंकूलना अभासना आयोजित करना आरंभना उज्जना उज्जृंभ उपकिरण क्षाल खँदना खटारना खिड़ना खोदना चित्र उभारना चियारना चौडा़ना छालना छुरण ठवनापु डिवेलप करना डीठनापु डेवलप करना तुमकना त्रीघटना थरपना दिखाई देना धीरे धीरे प्रकट करना धुजाना धोना धौँना निखूटनापु निरथाना पछालना पषालना पिस्तरना प्रकटना प्रचारान प्रछारना प्रछालना प्रणेजन प्रतिष्ठापना प्रातिधान फरालन ‡ फिल्म धोना फींचना ‡ फैलाना बिटालना बिस्तरना बिहसाना मर्जू मलुकाना मुखप्रक्षालना लौँकना विकसित करना विकसित होना विकसितना विकास करना विकास पाना विकीरन विखनन विगसना विप्रसारण विवार शुरू करना शोब संप्रसारण संवृत्ति सकुचना सज्जकर्म सन्यासन समासादन समुत्पत्ति समुन्मीलन सीमेक्षण करना सेँधना स्थापित करना होना
Usage of Develop: 1: They can help develop our powers of critical evalution. 2: The government has recently spent two lakhs rupees as pump priming to develop leather industry. 3: As people grow in age they develop double chin. 4: Silver paper is very essential to develop photographs. 5: I adviced her to develop prefessionalism as one of her traits. 6: Could you develop the ideas in your thesis 7: This company went on to develop the PlayStation 2 game TimeSplitters 8: When Yoshiki Okamoto worked to develop Zelda titles for the Game Boy Color 9: Small units must needs develop into bigger wholes 10: Cats can also develop pica.
Develop ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ke mile ya jude hue bhaagon ko ek doosare se is prakaar alag karana ki usake andar ya usake paar takaanaa, jaanaa, tatolanaa, dekhana aadi ho sake doosare ko dekhane men pravratt karana pradhaan sattaarthak kriya kisi sthaan ko gahara karane ke liy vahaaan ki mitti aadi ukhaadkar phekana photograaphi men plet ko masaalo mile hue jal se dhona jisamen ankit chitr ka aakaar spasht ho jaay lagaataar sthaan ghiravaana bij ko jamane ke liye jute khet ya bhurabhuri ki hui jamin men chhitaraana

Develop synonyms
evolve advance flourish progress promote establish grow age ripen foster maturate mature mellow thrive enroot grow up perfect strengthen broaden exploit spread refine build up deepen intensify realize improve extend materialize finish widen magnify augment dilate stretch enrich elaborate enlarge lengthen beautify actualize polish heighten amplify form invest acquire start generate betide breed transpire originate befall contract ensue break chance result arise go follow happen commence break out come about come off pick up produce disclose exhibit disentangle reach unroll unfurl unwind foretell unravel recount explicate uncover state explain account for uncoil untwist
Develop antonyms
decrease retreat retrogress lessen repress circumscribe compress confine narrow cease discontinue halt stop stunt decline end destroy ruin weaken damage ignore abridge condense curtail cut shorten hurt neglect contract lower shrink keep maintain diminish reduce spoil precede cause finish disagree stay conceal hide wind tangle complicate mystify obscure fail lose cover twist confuse 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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