Device meaning in hindi | Device ka matlab 

Device meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Device 
Usage of Device: 1: A Knife is a device for cutting something 2: the device is small enough to wear on your wrist 3: The knowledge of the use of intra-uterine device has checked the population.
4: The militants planted an explosive device near the railway station. 5: Radiator is a device for cooling the engine of a vehicle or an aircraft. 6: The poet e e cummings has a distinct stylistic device of poetry. 7: They implanted the device in Fred's chest . 8: You assembled this device very badly . 9: Because the device is always conducting 10: Other arrangements of amplifying device are possible
Device ki paribhasha : vah lakshan jisase kisi chij ki pahachaan ho ek alnkaar ka naam jisamen apane marm ko chhipaane ke liye doosare ko kisi kriya ya yukti dvaara vachit karane ka varn na hota hai raajaniti men shutr par vijay paane ki sukti koi aisi vastu taiyaar karana jisake banaane ki yukti pahale kisi kon maaloom rahi ho kisi kaam men lagaane ki kriya ya bhaav taantrikon ke anusaar kuchh vishisht prakaar se bane hue aakaar ya koshthak aadi, jinamen kuchh ank ya akshar aadi likhe rahate hain aur jinake anek prakaar ke phal maane jaate hain

Device synonyms
gear apparatus gadget material appliance mechanism accessory machine equipment creation agent invention gimmick arrangement rigging makeshift resort contraption medium means utensil outfit construction contrivance tackle article resource doohickey expedient implement whatnot thingamabob whatchamacallit rube goldberg invention whatsit design method strategy stratagem cabal machination fake trick proposition artifice racket plot evasion pattern loophole dodge feint game craft plan craftiness stunt improvisation chicanery finesse ruse project subterfuge wile gambit purpose clever move cunningness insignia motif colophon figure ensign token badge logo slogan motto crest scroll
Device antonyms
destruction ruin disorganization reality frankness honesty ignorance truthfulness openness 
Usage of Device in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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