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Differential meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Differential 
Usage of Differential: 1: solving a differential equation is very difficult. 2: In differential equations 3: Einstein's equations are non-linear partial differential equations and 4: Contemporary differential geometry is intrinsic 5: Contemporary geometric topology and differential topology 6: In 1690 Cassini noticed that the atmosphere undergoes differential rotation. 7: Tropisms in plants are the result of differential cell growth 8: André-Marie Ampère, and others into a linked set of differential equations . 9: This branch has sometimes been called differential games 10: See also differential scanning calorimetry.
Differential ki paribhasha : saahity men ek prakaar ka pady jisamen tin shlokon ya padon men ek hi kriya rahati hain is liai un tinon shlokon ya padyon ka saath hi anvay hota hai vah jo kisi vastu ke bhed upabhed ka jaanakaar ho jagat ko brahm se bhinn samajhanevaala

Differential synonyms
prong wheel gear transmission tooth tine tusk rack fang cogwheel ratchet pinion contrasting disparate distinctive peculiar offbeat diverse various particular distant other divergent altered changed clashing colorful contrary deviating discrepant incomparable inconsistent individual opposed otherwise single unequal unrelated variant a far cry from antithetic at odds at variance contradistinct contradistinctive contrastive incommensurable like night and day mismatched mismated poles apart unalike unsimilar division perception quality characteristic sensitivity divergence discrepancy nicety separation discrimination difference judgment individuality sharpness peculiarity particularity marking unlikeness acumen discretion clearness qualification dissimilitude tact divergency refinement penetration discreteness dissimilarity analysis discernment acuteness diagnosis estimation dissemblance otherness alterity hallmark stamp attribute trademark label token tag trait component detail element item aspect factor article ingredient point gimmick unit angle savor specialty slant virtue gag constituent notability twist idiosyncrasy facet property affection integrant speciality arithmetic binary exponent fraction fractional integral mathematical numeral statistical algebraic algorithmic arithmetical digital exponential logarithm logarithmic numerary inimical biased discriminatory unjust hurtful bigoted detrimental disadvantageous unfavorable injurious damaging bad deleterious evil mischievous nocuous counterproductive integrated
Differential antonyms
alike similar resembling standard usual homogeneous harmonious unified united same common normal ordinary uniform correspondent conventional accord unity sameness concurrence likeness similarity inability carelessness indiscretion thoughtlessness insignificance lowliness agreement harmony conformity uniformity mediocrity unimportance whole alphabetical friendly kind impartial unbiased unprejudiced assisting helpful advantageous beneficial fair just aiding nice favorable good approving 
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The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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