Difficult meaning in hindi | Difficult ka matlab 

Difficult meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Difficult 
Usage of Difficult: 1: a difficult child 2: Ill tackle this difficult task 3: Its not difficult to find a new merchantable item. 4: Ramanujam found even difficult problems elementary. 5: it was a difficult climb to the top 6: long thought to be an impossibly difficult operation 7: a common remedy is uncommonly difficult to find 8: He underscored the difficult words in the book. 9: Link the two pieces of the chains.
Linking the evidence is a difficult job.
10: The seniors find it difficult to take orders from the new upstart.
Difficult ki paribhasha : 2306 karana mushkil ho thodi si baat par aprasann honevaala sharminda kiya hua

Difficult synonyms
troublesome crucial tough problematic arduous onerous demanding severe strenuous ambitious burdensome laborious painful gargantuan herculean bothersome exacting formidable galling heavy immense intricate irritating labored operose prohibitive rigid stiff titanic toilsome trying unyielding uphill wearisome effortful challenging backbreaker difficile easier said than done hard-won no picnic not easy upstream complex delicate confusing abstract abstruse baffling dark deep enigmatic esoteric hidden inexplicable involved knotty labyrinthine loose meandering mysterious mystical nice obscure obstinate perplexing profound puzzling rambling subtle tangled thorny ticklish unclear unfathomable unintelligible mystifying problematical bewildering confounding enigmatical entangled hard to explain hard to solve paradoxical vexing grim intractable argumentative boorish fastidious finicky fractious fussy impolite irritable oafish obstreperous perverse picky refractory rude tiresome bearish hard to please unaccommodating unamenable
Difficult antonyms
helpful trivial facile effortless manageable uncomplicated friendly sociable easy nice calm free plain simple straightforward clear 
Usage of Difficult in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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