Dig up meaning in hindi | Dig up ka matlab 

Dig up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dig up 
Dig up ki paribhasha : kisi sthaan ko gahara karane ke liy vahaaan ki mitti aadi ukhaadkar phekana kisi jami, gadi ya baithi vastu ko sthaan se prathak karana

Dig up synonyms
raise solicit secure muster acquire requisition pass the hat disclose reveal notice recognize spot distinguish see observe identify catch encounter unmask note espy descry ascertain scent hit on hit upon meet with nose out smell out smoke out stumble on tumble into wise up to unearth locate devise hear explore invent determine come upon realize design glimpse originate debunk pioneer conceive sense contrive perceive elicit discern bring to light come across look up get wind of get wise to light upon pick up on think of widen clean bring up prove bare open display exhibit streak parade show feature flaunt advertise manifest brandish leak flash divulge publish betray crack unveil broadcast unfold report present disport spill denude air unclothe give away show off trot out lay bare lay open let cat out of bag let out make known open to view put on view tip off unshroud get at chase extract follow hunt penetrate pierce probe pry pursue quest seek trace trail drive out sniff out be on to chase down dig out hunt down root out scout out search out worm out recover sight corral collar pinpoint bump into come up with make out arrive at chance upon fall in with happen upon lay fingers on run across run into scare up stumble upon trip on understand gain gather catch on trip over clash greet face contact engage affront confront experience collide accost grapple wrestle salute tussle luck get together brush against chance on come up against make a meet meet face to face rendezvous with rub eyeballs run up against touch shoulders refund settle handle extend grant reimburse offer disburse repay compensate satisfy render liquidate clear stake bequeath confer remunerate foot bestow adjust recoup recompense remit proffer requite discharge reward honor defray chip in come through foot the bill hand over kick in put up prepay bear the cost bear the expense cough up make payment plunk down take care of reach seize achieve effect attain open up stumble across apprehend beat the bushes capture dog put together run down shadow stalk tail travel traverse bird-dog be hot on the trail dog footsteps of draw an inference go after piece together stick to transpire pop up crop up be found become known come to light come to pass tap unwrap break tell strip subject tip one's hand wipe out annihilate exterminate displace demolish overthrow overturn eradicate abate move remove abolish extirpate exile excavate eliminate do away with pull up deracinate weed blot out tear up weed out disentomb
Dig up antonyms
disperse disseminate scatter share dispense distribute divide compensate give meed conceal hide suppress ignore misunderstand pass by cover miss neglect overlook let go lose not see destroy withhold refrain guard protect shield secrete keep secret bury be quiet save avoid forfeit leave fail fall short teach release shun surrender evade disconnect disjoin dodge yield separate cancel take back deny refuse deprive penalize dissatisfy dissuade dishonor upset confuse earn free offer tap not touch pass up be immune run away abandon create remain ratify welcome sow build help bear fix stay plant settle 
Usage of Dig up in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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