Dignity meaning in hindi | Dignity ka matlab 

Dignity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dignity 
Usage of Dignity: 1: It was beneath his dignity to cheat. 2: I see a strong sense of dignity in Fred . 3: I will stand on my dignity to the very end . 4: 1913 described the simple dignity of the house. 5: Holding on to his civic dignity 6: Hill won respect for his sportsmanship and dignity 7: Duke of Bavaria was invested with the electoral dignity 8: Since the Crown was itself an hereditary dignity 9: The concept of a barony as a personal dignity not tied to land only arose when 10: Yet Hori and Dhania retain their dignity to the end .
Dignity ki paribhasha : vah pratishtha ya maanasoochak pad jo raajy athava kisi snstha aadi ki or se kisi yogy vyakti ko milata hai kisi padaarth ka bhaara, taul ya naap aadi —jo tou lngar dhith upaadhi oodham roop bhayo vah upahaar jo bar ka bad bhaayi vadhou ko deta hai chhndaःshaastr men guru hone ka bhaav ya sthiti aath siddhiyon men se ek siddhi jisase saadhak apana bojh chaahe jitana bhaari kar sakata hai

Dignity synonyms
status self-respect respectability decorum greatness poise grace virtue decency stature prestige quality honor grandeur morality etiquette majesty merit culture renown eminence standing character gravity state station significance seemliness worth elevation importance regard cachet rank address ethics loftiness glory solemnity hauteur propriety splendor consequence distinction perfection stateliness sublimity worthiness nobleness courtliness
Dignity antonyms
indecency insignificance dishonor evil bad manners worthlessness lowliness unimportance immorality 
Usage of Dignity in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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