Disadvantageous meaning in hindi | Disadvantageous ka matlab 

Disadvantageous meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Disadvantageous 
As adjective : अहितकारी
Usage of Disadvantageous: 1: He runs some very disadvantageous noises about him 2: He said, specifically, that the Walk is an army to get away from the enemy after a disadvantageous battle, or to abandon a country where they can no longer hold 3: It also means About disadvantageous 4: It means also advantageous or disadvantageous Party that one does to someone in a case 5: LOSS says sometimes a bad success of a disadvantageous event in a case, in a company, etc 6: MAL means in several phrases, disadvantageous About held on someone, or unfavorable and false interpretation given to something
Disadvantageous ki paribhasha : svaasthy men truti ya baadha pahuanchaanevaala

Disadvantageous synonyms
derogatory prejudicial hurtful disparaging adverse unfavorable injurious contrary damaging deleterious downside harmful ill-timed inexpedient inopportune objectionable pejorative slighting unprofitable depreciative depreciatory debit-side detracting dyslogistic on the debit side uncomplimentary
Disadvantageous antonyms
assisting helpful advantageous well-timed complimentary favorable aiding nice good convenient 
Usage of Disadvantageous in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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