Discern meaning in hindi | Discern ka matlab 

Discern meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Discern 
Usage of Discern: 1: It is hard to discern how the market will react to the political developments. 2: Averroes and Spinoza discern natura naturans from natura naturata 3: Gowen did not well discern the special nature of the Reading 4: and, in general, quickly discern what is important, interesting in a case 5: and, in general, quickly discern what is important, interesting in business 6: Having good taste, perfectly discern the quality of food, wine 7: In this crowd of hypotheses was difficult to discern the true and positive 8: It is a certain rule to discern the true from the false 9: It means figuratively the faculty of feeling, to discern the beauties and defects that are found in the works of the mind, in the productions of arts 10: NATURE is said, figuratively, of innate faculty which enables man to discern good and evil
Discern ki paribhasha : man ki vah shakti jisase bhale bure ka gyaan hota ho kisi vastu ka vistaar is prakaar nirdhaarit karana ki vah ek niyat vistaar ka kitana guna hai kisi vastu ke astitv ya usake roopa, rng aadi ka gyaan netron dvaara praapt karana vastu ya vyakti ke svaroop ko is prakaar jaanana ki vah jab kabhi indriyagochar ho to is baat ka nishchay ho sake ki vah kaun athava kya hai kisi vastu ki sthiti, guna, kriya ya pranaali ityaadi nirdisht karanevaala bhaav dhaaran karana

Discern synonyms
find out detect foresee anticipate perceive differentiate determine ascertain distinguish discriminate divine rubberneck notice espy separate read remark spot discover extricate focus note apprehend observe know descry judge behold view difference make out take in figure out severalize secern discrepate get a load of get the picture get wise to make distinction pick out see the light see through
Discern antonyms
doubt mix up ignore misunderstand disregard miss overlook confuse neglect lose forget 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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