Dismissal meaning in hindi | Dismissal ka matlab 

Dismissal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dismissal 
Usage of Dismissal: 1: Orders of his dismissal has come from the head office. 2: Many modes of dismissal require the wicket to be "put down". 3: Of the following ten modes of dismissal 4: Timed out is, by its nature, a dismissal without a delivery. 5: With all other modes of dismissal 6: The Crown is responsible for the appointment and dismissal of ministers 7: Poe tactically pled not guilty to induce dismissal 8: The Act required Senate approval for the dismissal of senior Cabinet officials. 9: Following his dismissal 10: dismissal Order
Dismissal ki paribhasha : naukari ya seva se alagaav sharmida karane, hey banaane ya hataanevaala kisi buraayi ko door karane ka ka kaam vah dhan aadi jo vida hone ke samay kisi ko diya jaay apane pad se hatane ya girane ki avastha

Dismissal synonyms
freeing layoff dissolution dispossession displacement bounce eviction ostracism exile deportation exorcism end removal liberation suspension notice door permission deposition expatriation discharge freedom adjournment expulsion ouster banishment cold shoulder marching orders pink slip brush-off housecleaning relegation dislodgment congã© deposal kiss-off old heave-ho
Dismissal antonyms
commencement incarceration welcome employment hiring beginning construction start welcoming imprisonment acceptance appointment retention maintainance 
Usage of Dismissal in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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