Dispose meaning in hindi | Dispose ka matlab 

Dispose meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dispose 
Usage of Dispose: 1: "I think we can dispose of him quite briefly. 2: Eager to dispose of Trotsky's political and military supporters 3: Action Result or dispose of this action 4: In terms of jurisprudence, it means who has not attained the age prescribed by law to dispose of his person, his property 5: Have a person, a thing in its power, in being the master, the owner, as can dispose at will 6: It is permitted to dispose of acquests 7: It particularly means, in terms of law, dispose of, by sale or gift, or otherwise 8: remove, dispose the envelope of a package 9: To have one thing into account, the administer, dispose of the responsibility to report to the proper 10: , Not to have one hour to self, do not have time in which we can freely dispose
Dispose ki paribhasha : chij dena aur usake badale men daam lena lene ya paane ki ichchha prakat karana

Dispose synonyms
adapt predispose incline tempt set prompt distribute actuate rank organize bend determine array regulate group prepare fix motivate bias adjust sway locate shepherd move influence induce tailor govern put promote condition arrange systematize lead settle stand marshal methodize ride herd on call the tune lay down the law make willing put to rights read the riot act set in order put one's foot down
Dispose antonyms
dissuade hinder prevent disorder scatter destroy disarrange disorganize disperse mix up ignore unsettle derange comply obey consent discourage displace remove halt stop miss neglect change disturb confuse upset stay lose depart leave mismanage 
Usage of Dispose in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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