Disposition meaning in hindi | Disposition ka matlab 

Disposition meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Disposition 
Usage of Disposition: 1: the unsocial disposition to neglect ones neighbors 2: he has a happy disposition 3: he has a happy disposition 4: She showed the catalogue showing various disposition of the rooms. 5: Concerning his disposition 6: In order to obtain the proper disposition 7: Very early he developed a dark and secretive disposition 8: Her final disposition is unknown. 9: The disposition and precise identity of this former group is elusive 10: be bad disposition
Disposition ki paribhasha : mal jo atma ki drak aur drakashakti ko aachchhaadit karata hai thik jagah par karine se rakhana ya baithaana kisi or latakane, pravratt hone ya jhukane ki kriya pichhe hataana ya lautaana maaang taratib ya kram se rakhana nyaay men ek yatn vishesh kai vastuon ya baaton ka ek men grnthan sada bana rahanevaala mool ya pradhaan gun mool ya pradhaan gun jo sada bana rahe

Disposition synonyms
frame of mind tone mood predisposition habit propensity complexion inclination tendency personality individuality bent being bias tenor mind-set penchant humor constitution cast stamp flash character vein type proclivity nature spirit identity individualism readiness bag proneness thing leaning predilection groove cup of tea emotions make-up druthers disposal distribution control direction placement classification sequence decision method regulation plan organization adjustment order grouping ordering
Disposition antonyms
disinclination dislike hate hatred disarrangement mismanagement disorganization lawlessness 
Usage of Disposition in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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