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Distinguish meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Distinguish 
Usage of Distinguish: 1: The term is used to distinguish from rotary-wing aircraft or ornithopters 2: Most aikido organisations use only white and black belts to distinguish rank 3: These were marked with Roman numerals to distinguish them: I 4: Externally, ritual is used to distinguish between people 5: In order to distinguish from the Frankish Empire of Charlemagne 6: Official Census statistics do not distinguish among people of African ancestry. 7: The committee does not formally distinguish between subspecies 8: Historians distinguish between the Medieval Inquisition 9: U.S. policy should distinguish between the two and even grant support 10: Some devices that do not distinguish between neutral and live
Distinguish ki paribhasha : praachin raajaniti ke anusaar shatru ko vash men karane ke chaar upaayon men se tisara upaay jisake anusaar shatrupaksh ke logon ko bahakaakar apani or mila liya jaata hai athava unamen paraspar dvesh utpann kar diya jata hai vastu ya vyakti ke svaroop ko is prakaar jaanana ki vah jab kabhi indriyagochar ho to is baat ka nishchay ho sake ki vah kaun athava kya hai

Distinguish synonyms
discriminate divide separate recognize characterize qualify differentiate determine categorize analyze know diagnose extricate tag mark select signalize pinpoint label collate classify finger singularize spot sift part decide judge estimate specify name place ascertain demarcate individualize make out determinate figure out individuate diagnosticate mark off set apart set off single out sort out tell apart tell between tell from notice detect read perceive discover see spy remark dig eye flash focus note beam observe descry catch view take in eyeball get a load of get an eyeful pick out pick up on admire immortalize acknowledge dignify praise honor celebrate pay tribute to
Distinguish antonyms
mix up combine connect link unite misunderstand ignore confuse join miss allow lose overlook pass by neglect misinterpret disregard condemn disgrace shame denounce reproach 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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