Distressed meaning in hindi | Distressed ka matlab 

Distressed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Distressed 
Usage of Distressed: 1: I was so distressed that I almost packed it in . 2: The Edict was a divisive move that distressed more moderate men 3: Vanbrugh was deeply distressed by the turn of events. 4: Evelyn was impressed by the pride of these distressed Londoners 5: He was distressed to leave his family home 6: Action to rescue a ship , a distressed craft, cargo and Shipwrecked effects 7: They say even a railway train that He is distressed when his progress was stopped by a particular accident 8: This is a distressed so much that it loses the reason
Distressed ki paribhasha : kisi dhaava, gaddhe ya khaali jagah ko kisi vastu se chhek dena jise kisi prakaar ki vyatha ya takaliph ho

Distressed synonyms
perturbed shaky miffed anxious agitated jittery distraught troubled afflicted peeved concerned distracted worried discombobulated wired wrecked bothered antsy cut up disconsolate fidgety inconsolable jumpy uptight wretched distrait ripped exercised harassed bugged tormented spooked dragged saddened shook basket case all torn up bummed out bundle of nerves hyper in a stew in a tizzy shook up shot down strung out unconsolable unglued up the wall
Distressed antonyms
pleased peaceful untroubled collected glad joyful calm cool happy unworried comforted 
Usage of Distressed in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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