District meaning in hindi | District ka matlab 

District meaning in hindi

How to pronounce District 
Other : चकला
Usage of District: 1: The district attorneys office investigated reports of possible irregularities. 2: 1970 Michigan 5th district 3: It is also the capital of the district of Dili 4: The federal district is not a state on its right 5: Trucks are used to transport goods from one district to another 6: There is no federal capital district in Canada. 7: France's largest financial district is La Defense 8: Weißeritzkreis and part of the district of Bautzen 9: Wazir Akbar Khan district
District ki paribhasha : kisi desh ka vah bad vibhaag jisaki bhaashaa, ritivyavahaara, jalavaayu, shaasanapaddhati aadi usi desh ke any vibhaagon ki in sab baaton se bhinn hon chakr ke aakaar ka ghera bhaaratavarsh men kisi praant ka vah bhaag jo ek kalaktar ya dipti kamishnar ke prabndh men ho

District synonyms
sector commune neighborhood locality parish region community department precinct territory section parcel locale vicinity turf ward quarter neck of the woods stomping ground vicinage
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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