Do justice to meaning in hindi | Do justice to ka matlab 

Do justice to meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Do justice to 
Usage of Do justice to: 1: It means figuratively Do not do justice to a person; not appreciate a quality, something it deserves 2: We should not do justice to himself 3: ? To do justice to oneself, is avenging oneself, to be paid by his hands, etc

Do justice to synonyms
rationalize uphold defend support advocate confirm favor countenance maintain sustain validate condone warrant explain contend claim square alibi palliate pardon crawl verify clear legalize absolve exculpate brief assert excuse acquit approve plead establish rebut exonerate answer for bear out cop a plea apologize for argue for be answerable for make allowances make good show cause speak in favor stand up for function execute finish complete work behave observe take act meet implement operate achieve satisfy perk transact move effect enforce react percolate discharge fulfill tick realize comply bring about bring off dispose of pull off wind up be engaged in carry through carry to completion deliver the goods do to a turn go that route put through run with the ball take care of business substantiate refute corroborate disprove shield whitewash guard free confute rehabilitate protect extenuate second disculpate free from blame plead for
Do justice to antonyms
desert deny refuse reject contradict disapprove veto condemn accuse blame damn punish disprove invalidate sentence convict incriminate attack neglect oppose disagree charge destroy create ignore avoid discontinue dodge abstain cease dissuade prevent idle fail lose miss bear forget keep maintain give up halt stop cancel overlook direct ruin hurt 
Usage of Do justice to in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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