Down in the dumps meaning in hindi | Down in the dumps ka matlab 

Down in the dumps meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Down in the dumps 
Down in the dumps synonyms
dispirited despondent disconsolate dismal downhearted fed up glum unhappy woebegone discouraged inconsolable sad ass in a sling cast down chapfallen disheartened in a funk singing the blues taken down drooping black clouded abject bleak cheerless doleful droopy heavyhearted low-spirited miserable wretched hurting sagging dampened dashed dragged all torn up atrabilious broody bummed out in the pits mopey mopish shot down pessimistic destroyed weeping bad crummy grim let down lugubrious sob story ripped bleeding cast-down down and out in a blue funk in pain in the dumps in the toilet low-down on a downer disenchanted discontented complaining beaten upset disconcerted defeated disillusioned dissatisfied frustrated distressed disgruntled aghast hopeless unsatisfied worsted objecting thwarted balked vanquished foiled forlorn dull heartsick listless oppressed troubled brooding daunted dismayed down-in-the-mouth sunk weighed down dour sullen solemn ugly desolate joyless mournful sulky surly weary woeful crabbed in low spirits mirthless moping pensive somber wistful trite sorrowful downbeat dolorous funereal lachrymose sorry wet blanket moony in blue funk saddened saddening cross angry cantankerous capricious changeable erratic fickle fitful flighty frowning huffy ill-tempered impulsive introspective irascible irritable mercurial offended out of sorts petulant short-tempered testy touchy ill-humored in a huff in the doldrums piqued splenetic grouchy cranky acrimonious brusque choleric churlish crabby gruff harsh perverse snappish sour taciturn having blue devils having the blahs in a bad mood perversive grave apathetic broken dopey enervated flat inanimate indifferent lackadaisical lackluster languid languishing lifeless limp slothful subdued submissive tame torpid unconcerned unenthusiastic unmoved zero drippy languorous draggy flat tire mopy low in spirits dysphoric dark dreary
Down in the dumps antonyms
cheerful encouraged satisfied joyful joyous lighthearted upbeat happy heartened rich gay clean decent unvulgar elated excited cheered inspirited upright above glad fortunate lucky bulging convex flourishing optimistic comforted unburdened pushed up raised blessed prosperous contented pleased fulfilled delighted enchanted unworried calm honest pleasant animated vivacious encouraging exhilarating bright hopeful sunny sparkling uplifting increased honorable moral healthy high tall elevated prominent respectable strong well overjoyed balanced friendly gentle light-hearted uplifted energetic lively 
Usage of Down in the dumps in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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