Ease meaning in hindi | Ease ka matlab 

Ease meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ease 
Usage of Ease: 1: We have put the books here for ease of access. 2: Many flyovers are constructed to ease out the congestion of the road traffic on busy roads. 3: The performer is at ease on the stage . 4: The rain began to ease off . 5: Yes, please ease off . 6: Tell them to ease up on the horses . 7: We helped ease her on out of the car . 8: Just ease the piano along little by little . 9: The smart student passed the test with ease . 10: This is usually to ease storage or facilitate transport on
Ease ki paribhasha : man ki vah uttam tatha priy anubhooti jisake dvaara anubhav karanevaale ka vishesh samaadhaan aur sntosh hota hai aur jisake baraabar bane rahane ki vah kaamana karata hai paas men koi kaam na hone ki sthiti adhik samay tak koi kaam ya parishram karane ke kaaran thak jaane par rukana ya thaharana kisi prakaar ki gita, halachal ya upadrav ka na hona

Ease synonyms
content calm comfort satisfaction calmness luxury relaxation serenity inactivity prosperity quietude quietness tranquility idleness leisure inertia enjoyment inertness contentment repose easiness rest affluence security happiness gratification bed of roses peace of mind ataraxia restfulness passivity requiescence supinity simplicity nonchalance composure quickness dexterity familiarity poise efficiency flexibility aplomb fluency cinch adroitness dispatch naturalness expertise cleverness liberty snap informality pushover affability knack smoothness readiness expertness setup breeze effortlessness duck soup unconstraint easygoingness unaffectedness insouciance skillfulness relaxedness smooth sailing unreservedness child's play mitigate moderate speed relieve lessen soften soothe simplify lift abate ameliorate further allay promote facilitate expedite improve appease palliate cure still doctor assuage relent forward mollify nurse lighten assist pacify tranquilize slacken disengage cheer disburden release aid untighten anesthetize attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up loosen slide edge slip insert right join disentangle remove induce extricate handle maneuver squeeze steer set right
Ease antonyms
discontent agitation disturbance displeasure dissatisfaction sorrow woe sadness upset worry disquiet furor strife turmoil unrest effort inhibition restriction unhappiness employment work activity misery difficulty uneasiness perplexity excitableness inability incite increase intensify worsen excite delay slow harm injure condemn enlarge demote weaken block cease hinder annoy exasperate impede burden bring down vex irritate agitate halt hurt trouble extend check stop aggravate provoke depress hold keep maintain make difficult entangle withdraw neglect 
Usage of Ease in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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