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Eastern meaning in hindi

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As noun : पूर्व की ओर Ex:  Djibouti , officially the Republic of Djibouti, is a country in eastern Africa.
As adjective : ईस्ट Ex:  The Ivy league universities are famous in the eastern United States. उ:   यह भारत में ईस्ट इंडिया कंपनी की शुरुआत थी। किब्ल Ex:  In the eastern Hungarian Körös tributaries पश्चिमेतर Ex:  They lived and worked chiefly on plantations in the eastern Tidewater. पुब्ब Ex:  Some areas of eastern South Carolina reported up to 16 inches of rain. पुरवैया Ex:  Of the state's eastern rivers पूब Ex:  Much of eastern Utah is part of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation. पूरब Ex:  Afghanistan, eastern and coastal Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. उ:   इसे भारत के पूरब का स्कॉटलैण्ड भी कहा जाता है। पूरबिया Ex:  A fourth airport in the eastern part of the city पूरबी Ex:  It is believed that these Scythians were conquered by their eastern cousins उ:   उसको अपना घर छोड़कर पूरबी पंजाब, भारत में आना पड़ता है। पूरविया Ex:  In many places in eastern Ukraine and Belarus पूरुब ‡ Ex:  Surzhyk in eastern Ukraine and Trasianka in Belarus. पूर्व की ओर का Ex:  Wisconsin conducted exercises in the eastern Mediterranean. पूर्व Ex:  The Republic of Lithuania is a country in eastern उ:   वे ईसा से ६०० वर्ष पूर्व यहाँ बसे थे। पूर्वदिक् Ex:  The highest areas are the moraines in the western uplands and eastern highlands पूर्विया Ex:  Syria lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea पूर्वी Ex:  The German and Slovak peoples settled in eastern part of the state उ:   पूर्वी सिंहभूम झारखंड प्रान्तका एक जिला है। पूर्वीय Ex:  The other major grouping are Melanesians, who inhabit eastern Indonesia. उ:   जबकि सुवासरा, भागपुरा, गरोठ और सीतामऊ पूर्वीय भाग में स्थित हैं। पूर्वैया Ex:  The historically integrated eastern half of Sweden प्राच Ex:  Where the Third Reich conquered new territory in eastern Europe प्राच्यभाषा Ex:  As the war extended throughout eastern Cuba लाल दाना Ex:  The eastern Left Bank is predominantly residential. लोरवा Ex:  Neustria, and the eastern part, Austrasia. शर्क Ex:  Latvia bordered eastern Poland शर्की Ex:  Belfast is situated on Ireland's eastern coast. उ:   बाद में इस मंदिर को जौनपुर के शर्की राजाओं ने तोड़वा दिया।
Eastern ki paribhasha : poorab men honevaala ek prakaar ka chaaval vah disha jis or soory nikalata hua dikhalaayi deta ho vah disha jisamen soory ka uday hota hai

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easterly eastward on the east side of

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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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