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Enter meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Enter 
Usage of Enter: 1: sperms must enter into ovaries for reproduction. 2: Shoud not enter this one labryrinth of coridoors without any guidance. 3: The speaker faltered when he saw his opponent enter the room 4: The animals are quarantined before they are allowed to enter a foreign nation. 5: He was the first to enter the cave. 6: We were explicitly forbidden to enter the military area. 7: I can't enter in that contest . 8: Visitors can enter dozens of completely furnished period rooms 9: Members of the House enter one of two lobbies on either side of the Chamber 10: Tancred also did not allow a Greek Patriarch to enter the city
Enter ki paribhasha : kisi nukoli vastu se rokha ke roop men chihn karana vakta ke sthaan ki or chalana ya usapar praapt hona pakadi ya thahari hui vastu ko is prakaar chhod dena ki vah niche gir pade kuchh vegapoorvak athava dusare ki ichchha ka virodh karate hue andar jaana ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par praapt hone ke liye gati men hona

Enter synonyms
introduce get in penetrate come in arrive invade infiltrate insert pierce probe intrude sneak access insinuate slip crack immigrate wriggle crawl creep barge in break in butt in drop in horn in ingress go in blow in breeze in burst in bust in crowd in drive in fall into gain entrã©e jump in make an entrance make way move in pass into pile in pop in rush in set foot in work in worm in start begin join open enroll muster enlist subscribe inaugurate commence take up become member commit oneself get oneself into join up lead off participate in set about set out on set to sign on sign up tee off admit log register interpolate inscribe note inject post docket take down intercalate set down
Enter antonyms
exit abstain refrain delete erase depart go leave withdraw leave alone forget stop complete avoid dodge conclude die end finish remove take out 
Usage of Enter in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or intransitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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