Equipment meaning in hindi | Equipment ka matlab 

Equipment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Equipment 
Usage of Equipment: 1: unserviceable equipment may be replaced 2: serviceable equipment 3: photographic equipment 4: There is a new equipment to guage the speed of the bowlers delivery. 5: the planned outlays for new equipment 6: a catcher needs a lot of protective equipment 7: With shipments of equipment and parts from Britain curtailed 8: Atmosphere control equipment includes a CO2 scrubber 9: Instead, the RT is connected digitally to equipment in the telephone switch. 10: This reduces the total amount of equipment required.
Equipment ki paribhasha : ve padaarth jinaka kisi vishesh kaary men upayog hota hai chaarapaai, toshaka, chaadar aadi ve saamaan jo kisi ke marane par usake uddeshy se mahaapaatr ko diye jaate hain ve yntr jinase vaigyaanika, injiniyara, chhaatra, lohaara, badhai aadi apana kaam karate hain daal ya tarakaari men dalane ka masaala saakhou ya saal ka vraksh jisaki lakado imaa- rati kaamon men aati hai

Equipment synonyms
furnishings material machinery apparatus furniture belongings accessories impedimenta rig paraphernalia things trappings store stock equipage provisions materiel outfit tackle setup baggage stuff miscellaneous attachments shebang gadgets utensils habiliments appliances fixtures tools fittings accompaniments appurtenances contraptions contrivances articles traps facilities devices accouterments kit and kaboodle provisioning 
Usage of Equipment in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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