Established meaning in hindi | Established ka matlab 

Established meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Established 
Usage of Established: 1: the established social order 2: A new percolator was established in a near by hotel. 3: depth is established pictorially 4: Tatas and Birlas have well established firms. 5: Bombay, and Madras were established in 1857, just before the Rebellion. 6: Dhirendra Nath Ganguly established Indo British Film Co 7: Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland showcases established and emerging artists 8: 1999 De Mello established the National Consultative Council 9: It was established on October 1 10: He then established National Government in Nanking
Established ki paribhasha : vah vaastu ya bhavan jisake chaaron or vithika ya maarg ho vah jisane yog ya tap men siddhi praapt ki ho jo kisi kaary par niyukt ho

Established synonyms
traditional entrenched settled ingrained rooted stable fixed secure deep-rooted permanent unshakable well-established vested initiated completed organized founded incorporated realized originated endowed produced finished begun equipped inaugurated ratified chartered systematized conceived instituted codified confirmed closed accepted endorsed approved verified assured guaranteed determined upheld certain undeniable valid concluded identified substantiated achieved objectified corroborated ascertained authenticated validated demonstrated found out
Established antonyms
indefinite undecided unstable insolvent temporary unsound untrue unfixed false invalidated incomplete unfinished uncertain disapproved 
Usage of Established in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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