A few example sentences

Except a few visits made by the executives of export firms to foreign countries to promote their products, the export firms in general do not have much contact with the foreign markets.He lived all alone except for a few goats which he always kept as pets.Over many days and months alli listened carefully to conversations between her neighbours and people who regularly used the bus, and she also asked a few discreet questions here and there.Within a few hours of counting, all the results are declared and it becomes clear as to who will form the next government.How can I doubt you? I had only hoped that we would earn enough from the cotton crop to last us a few months.A few days later, on a fixed date, all the E Ms from a constituency are opened and the votes secured by each candidate are counted.However, mismanagement of the water has largely led to the benefits being cornered by a few people.A few candidates may win purely on the basis of money power and unfair means.However, a few items of income and expenses of such orgnisations are somewhat different in nature and need special attention in their treatment in final accounts.The first map depicts the countries that were democratic in 1950, a few years after the end of the Second World War.” A few children were busy watching beautiful butterflies fluttering here and there on the flowers of shrubs and herbs.Later on a few countries such as Singapore, South Korea and China which saw markets for their products in the foreign countries embarked upon the strategy 'export and flourish', and soon became the star performers on the world map.However, other than a few forms of bacteria, life-forms are not able to convert the comparatively inert nitrogen molecule into forms like nitrates and nitrites which can be taken up and used to make the required molecules.A few years later a large area of forest was cleared on the banks of the river Subarnarekha to set up the factory and an industrial township Jamshedpur.Turbulent market conditions, less brand loyalty, divisions and sub-divisions (fragmentation) of markets, more demanding customers, rapid changes in technology and intense global competition are just a few of the images used to describe today's business environment.

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