A la example sentences

Thus, barriers on foreign trade and foreign investment were removed to a large extent.Sepoys mutinied in several places beginning from Meerut and a large number of people from different sections of society rose up in rebellion.Do you wonder how a layer of one metal can be deposited on top of another? Well, let us try doing it ourselves.This enables the producers to undertake production on a large scale and take advantage of the economies of scale.A large number of other compounds that are used regularly in chemical and industrial processes for manufacturing activities are finally released in the atmosphere in one or other form.Its capital is contributed by a large number of persons called shareholders who are the real owners of the company.Place the same fifteen persons in a large hall, and nobody experiences crowding.I opened it at the table on which stood the lamp and a large mirror; a small comb lay beside the mirror.In every organisation, a large number of small payments such as conveyance, cartage, postage, telegrams and other expenses (collectively recorded under miscellaneous expenses) are made.A large number of people may have been able to feed themselves.Also, the three sectors have a large number of people working in them to produce these goods and services.This is because a large number of goods are bought and sold that we don t use directly.These products have a large number of well-off buyers.Before you, like a lantern whose walls are worn so thin you glimpse only the light inside, is the incandescence of a man.This gap is occupied by a large number of small objects that revolve around the Sun.

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