A lot of example sentences

In order to fulfil social obligations and observe religious ceremonies, people in India, including the very poor, spend a lot of money.These manuscripts and documents provide a lot of detailed information to historians but they are also difficult to use.She had a friendly temperament, and would listen to Abbu Khan's tales with a lot of interest and affection.This means that even if we remove a lot of people from agricultural sector and provide them with proper work elsewhere, agricultural production will not suffer.This is because when shops are in permanent buildings, they incur a lot of expenditure they have to pay rent, electricity, fees to the government.A dam is built across a river at sites where one can collect a lot of water.The rainforests provide a lot of wood for the houses.Candidates and parties with a lot of money may not be sure of their victory but they do enjoy a big and unfair advantage over smaller parties and independents.There is a lot of literature available in various areas of management like marketing, finance and human resources which the manager has to specialise in.If we apply the scientific definition, these activities involve a lot of work.But there are a lot of activities that are required to facilitate the purchase and sale of goods.Have you seen ponds which look green from a distance because they have a lot of algae growing in them? This is caused by excessive quantities of chemicals which get washed from the fields.Candidates who are known to have spent a lot of money on buying votes and those with known criminal connections often lose elections.Because learning was easy, he turned a lot of his energy towards the Debating and Model United Nations clubs.Have you consciously adopted an informal approach or is it something that just came naturally to you? When I presented my first Doctoral dissertation in Italy, one of the Professors said, “Scholars learn a lot of a certain subject, then they make a lot of false hypotheses, then they correct them and at the end, they put the conclusions.

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