A one example sentences

But it does not mean that there is only a one-way relation between caste and politics.If tens of millions of Indians today drop everything to watch the Indian team play a Test match or a one-day international, it is reasonable for a history of India to explore how that stick-and-ball game invented in south-eastern England became the ruling passion of the Indian sub-continent.'The Proposal' (originally titled 'A Marriage Proposal') is a one-act play, a farce, by the Russian short story writer and dramatist Anton Chekhov.I would secretly give it to them and make an extra one for myself.Ram Saran lives in a one-room rented house in a crowded basti in the outskirts of the city.People in India did not begin drinking tea one fine day; they developed a taste for it over time.For the supply of foreign exchange to increase as the exchange rate rises, the foreign demand for our exports must be more than unit elastic, meaning simply that a one per cent increase in the exchange rate (which results in a one per cent decline in the price of the export good to the foreign country buying our good) must result in an increase in demand of more than one per cent.nterview involves seeking information from a person on a one-to-one basis.Coordination is a continuous process: Coordination is not a one-time function but a continuous process.

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