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Once a specific plan has been established for the accomplishment of an organisational goal, the organising function examines the activities and resources required to implement the plan.” Evelyn Glennie has already accomplished more than most people twice her age., Motivation is the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals.It is however, the essence of management, for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals.As you will expect, this is accomplished through a complex design, with different parts of the brain responsible for integrating different inputs and outputs.To get somebody to stumble over him, and curse him steadily for an hour, is his highest aim and object; and, when he has succeeded in accomplishing this, his conceit becomes quite unbearable.It is utterly foolish to think that controlling could be accomplished without planning.In this sense, supervision can be understood as the process of guiding the efforts of employees and other resources to accomplish the desired objectives.Motivation is the process of stimulating people to action to accomplish desired goals of organisation.The importance of managerial control lies in the fact that it helps in accomplishing organisational goals.Sternberg views intelligence as the ability to adapt, to shape and select environment to accomplish one s goals and those of one s society and culture .Having achieved success in accomplishing this task by late 1950s, the World Bank turned its attention to the development of underdeveloped nations.Proper organisational techniques help in the accomplishment of work and promote both the efficiency of operations and the effectiveness of results.Mitosis accomplishes not only the segregation of duplicated chromosomes into daughter nuclei (karyokinesis), but the cell itself is divided into two daughter cells by a separate process called cytokinesis at the end of which cell division is complete (Figureure 2 e).To accomplish the purpose of an interview, the interviewer prepares a set of questions, also called a schedule, for different domains, or categories s/he wants to cover.

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